Through it national and worldwide programs, services and events, the International Hearing Foundation provides hope, friendship and courage to the millions sufferings from hearing related problems and ear disease.

  • Foreign Fellowships with research in Minnesota
  • Program to recycle hearing aids
  • National hearing-related research
  • International donations of medical supplies
  • Free Children's Deafness Clinic
  • Chilean School for the Deaf Project
  • International physician-exchange program

Our clinic, founded by Dr. Michael Paparella, Paparella Ear Head and Neck Institute provides adult and pediatric ENT care and specializes in the treatment of Menieres disease, tinnitus, hearing loss, sinusitis and sleep and voice disorders. In addition, the clinic offers complete audiologic testing for hearing loss and treatment with the newest technology in hearing assistive devices plus hearing protection and even blue tooth devices through it’s hearing division, The Hearing Institute. For more information or to schedule an appointment please visit their site at


The International Hearing Foundation, an affiliate of the Minnesota Medical Foundation, has received funding from Audiology Incorporated to support up to three projects in developing countries in 2012. The projects must be aimed at increasing access to hearing care in regions with limited service availability. For more information, details and application form, please refer to the following PDF's.
Full Grant Program Description (PDF 132KB)
~ We are no longer accepting applications for 2013 ~


The Clinical Fellowship Program (PDF 283kb)

Fellowships (PDF 353kb)
in Otology, Neurotology, Cochlear Implants, Cranial-Base Surgery
& Related Management of Problems of the Head & Neck


30th Annual IHF Golf Classic
Monday, August 21, 2023

Crystal Lake Golf Club
Lakeville, MN

For questions or reservations call Treva Paparella 612-339-2120